Frankie Says Relax…


It’s Sunday evening at 7.46pm, I’ve not gotten changed out of my PJ’s and the most I’ve achieved today is moving from my bed to the sofa. I literally cannot remember the last time I did this. Largely because ‘relaxing’ is not something that comes easily to me. Sitting and doing nothing but watch the TV leaves me feeling like I should be doing something else. (I’ve actually made breakfast, cleaned the litter trays, put a load of washing on and sorted my recycling out – I had to. I was getting twitchy.)

I’m a natural worrier. I always have been and realistically speaking I know I always will be – but it’s something that I’m working on by forcing myself to do things and trusting that things will work out. My motto in life is literally ‘everything will be fine’. When anxiety about the little things hit I repeat it like a mantra and you know what? Everything always is. There is always a solution, things always work out and nothing is the end of the world.

One of the main things (like most people reading this I should imagine) that I worry about is money. I can’t help it, I’m a homeowner and I like looking good and having nice things. As I have talked about a lot in this blog, Gratitude, the Law of Attraction and the Power of Positivity basically govern my life. I apply it to everything and money is no different. I wanted to share a few examples of how this works perfectly for me. Every Single Time. Recently it’s been on my mind a lot, and I wanted to remind myself more than anything.

I started a new job last month – faster than I expected to as I came to an agreement with my old company to leave work 3 weeks early. It worked out well as I was able to start at my new place faster, but I had a week to fill and I would miss out on a fair chunk of my wages. I could just about cover my bills. Instant panic set in as soon as I saw my bank balance. Yes, I have savings and a credit card, but in my view, the credit card is for emergencies and I don’t like dipping into my savings because it took me a long time to acquire them. Here’s the thing – I didn’t have to rely on them.

I spent that week off working my arse off from home for my new company to get myself ready to start as there was a lot of preparation to be done. I did this for me – because I wanted to. My new boss had discussed this with me, and she’d really kindly suggested that I charge the company for getting little bits and bobs done around my flat as a payment for what I’d been doing (I know right? Landed on my feet in so many ways with this role – but that’s for another blog.) My reduced pay day came on the Monday that I started, and instead of launching into my new role with the gusto I knew I had in me, I spent the first few hours at my desk worrying about what I was going to do.

Then I remembered who I am and how I think, and I gave my head a fucking wobble. After speaking to my Dad at lunchtime, I realised that this is what savings were for. As much as it pained me to see the numbers deplete, I transferred the amount I needed to make up what I was missing. I found a way forward, did what I had to do and stopped worrying about it (ish). Then the magic started happening. I got an email from my new Director saying that they had decided to pay me for the work I had done in my spare time, and it would be transferred that afternoon as a Thank You. I had told Jenni (the CEO and my friend) what had happened because she is my friend. Never for a second did I think they would do that for me. I was overwhelmed by gratitude! Next, a few weeks later when the ‘panic’ started setting in again I opened my cupboard at home, looked up and saw a row of jars and tins that I throw all my change into. The next day I was able to stick another £60.00 in my bank in coins. Again – a solution was presented to me and once again I felt a lot better about money and my situation.

When I got back to my desk after going to the bank, my phone pinged with a notification from Quidco – a cashback site that I use. Pretty much all of the major purchases I had made online for my new flat had been confirmed all at once. I was able to withdraw £122.00 there and then.

From starting the month worrying about money, there were 3 ways in which actual cash had presented itself to me – because I reminded myself every single time I felt a twinge, that I would be ok.

“I am thankful for the money that I have”

“I have plenty”

“Money comes to me freely and easily”

“I can pay all my bills – everything else is extra, the important things are paid for”

“There is always more coming to me”

I cannot stress enough here how much you have to FEEL positive about things. If you say the words to yourself but don’t actually believe it then they are empty words. This is where the pushing myself part comes in. You have to take what is known as ‘Inspired Action’. This means doing things and trusting that The Universe has your back. Trusting without a shadow of a doubt that everything will work out.

Come to my new pay day this month and the fear set in again. I am VERY organised, I have an app that tracks my spending, a spreadsheet (yes really) of all my bills and when pay day comes around I’m always up early to put aside all of my outgoings and work out what I am left with for the month. It many sound anal and OCD – but in the few years I’ve been doing this I’ve not gone a penny into my overdraft, I’ve been able to do everything that I’ve wanted to do AND I saved up my deposit to purchase my first home. So frankly I couldn’t give a shit if it’s anal – it works, and when everything adds up and I see in front of my eyes that I actually DO have plenty- I instantly feel better about money again – which means it continues to come. Do you see a pattern emerging here?

In the week running up to pay day I had sat and made a list of all the things I needed to buy, and the night before I sat at my computer and created 3 different shopping baskets on 3 different sites, and saved them ready to hit ‘check out’ at lunchtime when I had been paid. En route to work I checked my balance – and hadn’t been paid. PANIC. I sat on the train and went through my mantra. There was no reason to panic, I knew this in my heart, but in the back of my head and the pit of my stomach there was a feeling that I had to work hard to override. The fear. I checked with my boss and all had been sorted, but our account team manually pay us throughout the day so it could go in any time up to 5pm.

This didn’t sit well with my routine!

Then it hit me – by having things ‘saved’ ready for when the money hit my bank – I didn’t trust that it would. I was literally blocking it from coming to me. So I set up an alert with my bank to send me a text when it went in, and I sat at my desk at lunchtime and bought everything I needed to, booked appointments for the next day that I knew needed to be paid for, and I sat and made a list of everything I had already paid for so that I could add it up later. I hazarded a guess at what I thought I might be paid and worked out roughly what I would have to work with. I changed my routine and, once again I created a solution to make me feel better about money.

I had just received the order confirmation for the 4th site I had bought things from, when the text from the bank came through. I had put my faith in the fact it was coming, and by taking Inspired Action and trusting that it was mine by actually buying things before the money was in my bank, I set into motion all the chains of events that brought it to me.

Everything will always be ok.

I went onto my app and when I saw what had come to me, I had severely under-estimated. My eyes actually bulged and a huge smile spread across my face. I had never before had that much come to me in my monthly wages in my life. I’m by no means a billionaire (give it time) but you know what – I won’t be worrying about money anymore, and if I do – I’ll carry on doing what works and stay positive about it.



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